I had my 2nd MRI done yesterday… I don’t even want to know the results.. I keep working myself up about it, and now I’m just paranoid that they’re going to find something terribly wrong with me, that would be my luck.

I don’t want to be a grenade.. and right now that’s the one thing that I’m the most scared of…


I know I haven’t been online in forever…. and it makes me sad, but I guess that’s what happens when my dad can’t afford the house that we live in and out cable gets cut off almost a year ago.

I know I make it seem like my life sucks, but to me, it does. The only thing that makes it somewhat better is the fact that I have a boyfriend that makes me feel like I’m not alone.

I lost all of my friends. Not because of things that I did, but because we drifted apart, and the couple friends that turned out to be really crappy so I stopped talking to them.

I could really use a rekindling of some of my friendships, but they will never be the same…. I’m just overall a different person, and so are they. I need new friends, but I don’t have the time for it..